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Below you will find Links to Companies that will show you how to get Paid to Surf the Web. You can Join one or all to start making a Residual income today! Its Free!!   Just click on one of the Graphics banners below.

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  • Welcome to Web-Earners...
    web-earners.com aims to be the best pay-to-surf program available. when a member logs in each day, they are presented with a custom list of quality websites, tailored to their current interest. when they click on a site, they are rewarded with a 40% share of our advertising revenue. it is as easy as choosing your interest and then choosing a link:

    <click> . <click> ... $cash$

  • CashSurfers.com

  • Welcome to CashSurfers...
    CashSurfers is the best surf for cash program to hit the web. You make cash by using our CashBar Navigator(tm) while you surf. Make huge money referring your friends and family. Win awesome cash and prizes for just having fun on the web!!!

    Earning cash right away!

  • Get Paid to Surf @ PayBar.com

  • Welcome to PayBar...
    PayBar is one of the most exciting places on the entire net! Where advertisers pay YOU to watch and respond to their ads! However, this isn't the best part. We will also pay you for when your friends are online. But, this program just keeps getting better. You won't have to get any software that takes hours to download and install, instead you'll just login and keep a small frame at the bottom of your screen. On most computers this should take up no more than 3/4 of an inch.

    Putting Money where Your mouse is!

  • Join YourInterNetWork.com

  • Welcome to YourInterNetWork...
    YourInterNetWork.com is a new way to make the web work for you. The internet is an ongoing revolution. Are you tired of hearing how some website is going to change your life, make it better, make the world a utopia of peace and prosperity for all to benefit from? Well then...

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  • All Community

  • Welcome to AllCommunity...
    Although one of the GREAT features of AllCommunity is to pay you by the hour while you're surfing and viewing advertiser ads, you will also be paid while your referrals are surfing, shopping, reading their emails or just logged on the net! Everytime someone in your referrals network does something, some of that cash will end up in your pockets!

    You are now In Control

  • ePiPo

  • Welcome to ePIPO...
    ePIPO is all about having fun while making some money. ePIPO will pay its Surf Partners 60 points (that equates to 60 cents) per hour to simply surf the web. That's right, we actually pay you to surf the web. To put it simply,ePIPO is the first company in the Permission- Based, Viral-Marketing space.

    How much do You want to Make?

  • DotAd

  • Welcome to DotAd...
    Harry is a small icon positioned on your desktop that will earn you money while you surf. YOU choose if and when to take advantage of Harry's features while you enrich your experience on-line!

    Earn $$$ while You Surf.

  • Welcome to SharkHunt...
    You will earn 25p each hour that you have our Adbar open. In addition, if you refer your friends, colleagues and family we will pay 10p for each hour they keep the Adbar open and 5p for each hour their friends, and their friends, and their friends keep the Adbar open!

    Earn Cash while You Surf.

  • Get

  • Welcome to 1navigator...
    Start earning money today! 1Navigator brings you Content, Community and Shopping, tegrating a desktop application, web based e-mail, chat, web directory, search engine, and user created communities all into one customizable application that makes you money.

    Start earning money today!

  • BePaid.com

  • Welcome to BePaid...
    Imagine if you were paid $120 an hour while watching advertisements! It may sound impossible, but at BePaid.com this can become a reality and we invite you to become a part of it.

    The Easiest Money on the Net!

  • Get paid for it at GetPaid4.com

  • Welcome to GetPaid4...
    Now, TeknoSurf.com will pay you for using your computer as long as you are connected to the internet. We will pay you 70% of all ad revenues or greater!!! Last month members earned an average of 95 cents per hour. When you refer your friends and family, your earning potential will multiply instantly.

    You already do it why not get paid for it!!

  • Value Pay

  • Welcome to ValuePay...
    Join Now and get paid upto $1.00 for every hour that you or your friends are online. Its fast, its free and its easy! Now you can earn when you Chat, send Email, or simply Surf the Web! PLUS Earn bonuses for introducing friends. Get instant cash rebates for shopping online. And even get paid to play your favourite online games!

    Get Paid to Surf the Net!

  • utopiad

  • Welcome to UtopiAD...
    Get Paid to Surf! Click here to learn how. Yes it's True! We know it's hard to believe, but yes, we pay YOU! Become a UtopiAddict & Join Now!

    Get Paid to Surf!

  • Welcome to GoTo World...
    Join the newest Internet revolution! membership is FREE and with your membership you will receive the privilege of sharing advertising revenue dollars with GoToWorld.com. Tell your friends! Join Now!

    Make Money Surfing the World!

  • Get Paid to SEARCH the Web!!
    Get paid to find what you are looking for.

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